Welcome to this section named “New 2015” this section is built to share with you all the new varieties we are offering for the 2015 growing season. As you will see, some of varieties here are exclusively created and sold by us at PepperLover.com. Some of the breeds are only one year old, others are 5 or more. Just like any new creation/breed variation tends to exist among generations and plants in the same generation. Therefore, if you are willing to experience our new breeds and open to the possibility of characteristics variations, you are welcome to try some of them. If you are just looking for a more stable and traditional variety please avoid the new varieties specially the ones that contain the letters (PL) representing PepperLover’s breed. In this section we are proudly sharing some of the rarest Turkish, Syrian, and Rocoto varieties in the entire pepper industry. Some varieties are at the edge of extinction, others are not even known for those who live there. It took us years of hunting, planting, sorting, documenting, and studying these varieties so we can offer them to you with an access as easy as a click on a mouse. Part of our mission and commitment at PepperLover.com is to protect, enrich, and share the culture and heritage of peppers around the world. This mission is what drives us to breed, grow, and share peppers. 

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New 2015