Green Fatalii (PL)


Fatalii is one of the oldest superhot peppers came from South African. Due to the preferred characteristics of the fruits and plants growing habits, there are always attempts to breed other colors of Fatalii. Breeding various Fatalii colors has become an interesting project for us as well. As a result, we are introducing Fatalii peppers in all colors. This variety is called Green Fatalii. It is an attempt to create a variety of this famous pepper that stays green even when fully ripe. After numerous attempts and several seasons of stabilizing this pepper, finally we succeeded in producing this variety. The Green Fatalii is an exclusive variety created by us at This very hot pepper can be used at any green stage but preferred when fully ripe which can very difficult to tell when pods are ripe. The pods have very good clean sweet C.Chinense flavor without any bitterness or strong floral smell.