White Fatalii (PL)


Another exclusive pepper created by us, few years back, the idea of having a white pepper was a dream for many chiliheads. Nowadays, there are several white varieties with a wide range of flavors and heat levels. We created the white Bhut Jolokia in 2010(The version we are selling) before than there was a Jolokia called white Bhut which is basically a verity that starts light green/creamy-white and matures to red. Our version of white Bhut Jolokia actually starts light green and turns bright white when fully ripe. The need for more white color maturing peppers motivated us to breed this white Fatalii. This pepper is the most productive white variety we ever created. The light green pods turn bright white fully ripe. There are an endless number of favored features for this pepper. The plant is very short (only 8 inches tall) producing more pods than any other variety we ever seen. The plant is one of the very few peppers that does extremely well in containers and may be grown in hanging baskets. What is really special about this variety is the life span of the ripe pods. Even if pods left on the plan for a long time, they will not rot. Basically they will start drying on the plant. Nice sharp heat without strong aroma.