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Bishop's Hat
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This very delicious pepper have
other nams such as Balloon,
Pimenta Cambuci,Campane,
Monks Cap, Chapeau de
Farde, Peri Peri, Ubatuba Cambuci,
Aji Flor, Christmas Bell and
Bishops Crown or hat.
Bhut Jolokia Red
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In fall of 2006, the Guinness Book of
Records confirmed that New
Mexico State University Regent’s
Professor Paul Bosland had indeed
discovered the world’s hottest chile
pepper, Bhut Jolokia. Bhut Jolokia, at
1,001,304 Scoville Heat Units (SHU)
Trinidad 7 Pod
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Any, All, and Every 7 pod you can
think of is listed in this collection,
this customized collection is
for the serious chilihead who is
looking to grow every type of
7 pod out there.
Tabasco, CGN21546
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The most famous pepper in
C.frutescens from Costa Rica the
primary ingredient in Tabasco
sauce, the famous hot sauce that
has been produced in southern
Brown Rocoto
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The only brown color Rocoto in
the entire pubescens family.
Based on our experience, this rare
variety grows different than all
other Rocotos. It is a very late
producer, requires extended
growing season.
Capsicum Annuum
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This is by far the largest
domesticated species, both in the
number of different varieties, as
well as the most widely cultivated
worldwide. This species includes a
wide range of pepper shapes, sizes
and characteristics.
Capsicum Baccatum
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This unusual species is grown
primarily in South America,
where it is referred to locally as
"Aji". Characterized by diffuse
yellow or green spots on the base
of the corolla lobes (flower petals).
Capsicum Chinense
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Capsicum chinense (meaning
"from China", a misnomer, as they
originated in the Amazon. This
species includes some of the
world's hottest peppers. Peppers
in this species come in a wide
variety of colors, and often have
distinctive tropical flavors.
Capsicum Frutescens
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Not as many varieties of this exists
or are domestically grown as some
of the other pepper species. They
are characterized by compact
growth, and can make good
container plants.
Capsicum Pubescens
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These rare peppers are
characterized by "furry" leaves, as
well as unusually-shaped black or
dark brown seeds which are
unique to this particular species.
They grow primarily in the
mountainous regions of Central
and South America.
Wild pepper
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Its our mission and passion to
discover, collect and preserve the
rare, wild and native chili pepper
varieties from around the world.