Collection: The Ultimate Bhut


While the Bhut Jolokia is no longer the “world hottest” peppers, the demand, appreciation, and need for this variety have never decreased. In fact, many growers (individual and commercial) are still favoring/growing the Bhut Jolokia varieties over other “superhot” many reasons behind this fact. The Bhuts are way more productive than any other superhot. Also, the plants set fruits earlier and more condition tolerant than other varieties such as the Caribbean’s. We understand the value of  the Bhut family, this is another reason why we decided to put 7 of the most wanted Bhuts in one collection. in this collection you will receive (from left to right)  

  1. Red Bhut Jolokia
  2. Brown Bhut Jolokia
  3. Yellow Bhut Jolokia
  4. Peach Bhut Jolokia
  5. Indian Carbon Jolokia
  6. White Jolokia
  7. Bih Jolokias