Very hot and aromatic pepper from St. Augustine, Florida. One of the most well-known peppers in Florida, it is believe that this pepper goes back to the 18th century and came from the island of  Minorca  which is one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Spain. The pepper is so popular and praised in St. Augustine, Florida that there is an annual festival called “Datil Pepper Festival” where people meet and share their passion about this pepper and its uses. The Datil appreciation exclusive to hobbyists, there are several commercial manufacturing companies use this historical treasure in their production. Probably the most distinctive feature is the strong aroma this pepper releases when cut. The plant is extremely productive, producing about one inch long and half inch wide pods turning from light green to golden yellow-orange. Datil not only tastes good in homemade hot sauce, but also dries very well for very hot powder. Grows well in container