Collection: The Trinidadian SR


Honoring the most famous Trinidadian chilihead Sara Ragonanan, we decided to name this collection after her. Sara has been contributing in and enriching the pepper culture more than we can mention here.  She is the first person to ever start sending out these extremely hot, flavorful, and rare peppers from the small island of Trinidad. If it was not for her and other serious pepperlovers like Chris Philips from MI and John Fiedler from ME, the pepper culture would not be as rich as it is now. In this collection, we offer from top left,

  1. 7 Pod Congo SR gigantic Yellow
  2. 7 Pod Congo SR gigantic Red
  3. White 7 Pod
  4. Red 7 Pod original strain
  5. Douglah

Bottom row, from left:

  1. Red Douglah
  2. Yellow 7 pod original strain
  3. 7 Pod Brian strain Red.
  4. 7 Pod Jonah
  5. 7 pod Primo