Pepper Species - Capsicum Annuum Pepper
C. annuum (meaning "annual", a misnomer, as peppers are actually perennials)
This is by far the largest domesticated species, both in the number of different varieties, as well as the most widely cultivated worldwide. This species includes a wide range of pepper shapes, sizes and characteristics. Flowers are typically white but some varieties are purple, peppers most often ripen green to red, but come in a variety of other colors as well. Most of the peppers grow in the US and Mexico are of this species. They include many of the most common and best-known pepper varieties, such as Jalapeno, Poblano/Ancho, Serrano, Cayenne, Bell Pepper, Peperoncini and Anaheim/NuMex Peppers. This species also includes some of the more unique pepper varieties, such as the unusual Peter Pepper, as well as the magnificent Bolivian Rainbow. 

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Capsicum Annuum