Albanian Red Hot


Acı kırmızı Arnavut : Albanian Red Hot  

In His discerption of this hidden treasure, the well-known pepper reviewer Carter Nigel from Vista California stated. 

“Another of the rare embroidered peppers with a lot of corking, such as Vezena Piperka and Potato Market Jalapeño, this one is both huge and amazing-looking. What a find!!!The aroma was sweet and very rich, with a lot of aromatic components and a woodsy, almost mushroomy element. Very complex and appealing!!! The flavor was even better than the aroma. Very sweet upfront, with a lot of nice acidity to balance that developing second. A great deal of nutty richness that set off the flavor beautifully, along with lovely tones of aromatic flavours. Dare I say Umami? The Japanese concept of an almost indescribable sense of flavor, in addition to the usual sweet, salty, bitter and sour.”

The seeds of this hidden, extremely rare, and almost extinct verity were sent to us by an old Turkish friend, farmer, and chili head. According to our friend, this is the true, authentic, old time variety Turkish villagers had used in making the most well-known chili powder (kırmızı)/red. The commercially sold kırmızı powder is not made of this rare variety. As explained by our friend, this pepper is one of the varieties originate from the Albanian-Macedonian region. This type of skin is referred to as “vezeni” (meaning “embroidered”).  Very sweet, almost cherry like sweet with rich long lasting taste of acidic-heat without any bitterness. By all means, this pepper is a true treasure, when we used it fresh it was mouthwatering, when we made some into powders, it has its own unique sweet-lightly acidic and sour flavor which we didn’t experience in other peppers. No need to smoke this pepper, it has its own “woody/ mushroomy” aroma as explained by our friend Nigel.