Aleppo (Halabe)


The most famous and used pepper in the entire middle east. This Syrian pepper named after the city (Aleppo) where it has been cultivated for centuries. Even though it is very famous and widely used over there, it is very rare and barely known to us in North America. The pepper has very unique flavor profile that cannot be found in any other pepper. The full ripe, bright red pods have a great complex flavor of sweet cherry like, mixed with high levels of acidic-sour taste, followed by medium heat levels. When cooked this pepper is great because it is simply dry adding nothing but flavor to the dish. When dried and made into powder/flakes, the taste becomes more intense and sharper. This is not the only reason why this variety is the jalapeno of the Middle East. Beside the great taste and uses, the plant is extremely productive way more than any other commercially grown Mexican variety. The tough, sturdy, bushy plant grows no more than 2feet tall and wide, setting all summer long under any harsh conditions. This care free varies grows very well in containers. Add to all those characters, the early production advantage, so this variety sets fruits before any other pepper in your garden.  A great pepper from the other side of the globe must be tired to be appreciated.