Ethiopian Brown Berbere


A great pepper sent to us by a greater old-time seeds collector, PepperLover, and SSE member  Mr. Cuauhtemoc Serapio from Burnt Ranch CA. Mr. Serapio has been growing and collecting chilies and other seeds for over 40 years. He is the reason why the rest of the world has access to the Berbere pepper seeds. His priceless efforts of collecting and sharing seeds led him to obtain the red Berbere pepper seeds directly from an Ethiopian lady named Teresa. As Mr. Serapio explained to us, The brown Berbere pepper was first acquired by him directly from Ethiopia and then he shared it with the rest of the world. We can never thank him enough for sharing such treasurers with the rest of the world.This brown Berbere has natural coco like taste with medium to high heat level which makes it a great pepper for drying and using as naturally smoked powder.