Farmers’ Jalapeno


AKA Farmers’ Market Jalapeno. Absolutely amazing looking pepper, this is the strangest looking pepper in the entire capsicum species. The rough skin on this jalapeno variety is so unique, some people have hard time believing it is a pepper, others think it is root, and other thought it was a kind of potatoes.  This has led some to call it “potato skin jalapeno”. Whatever, the name might be, this beauty was discovered by a friend of John Fiedler from Bangor.ME, and spread by Christopher Phillips (cmpman1974) from Sterling Heights, MI. The pepper has a very sweet flavor with low heat level which makes it great to for eating just raw. The rough skin gives the pepper a natural woody-mushroom like flavor which becomes intense if cooked on open fire or dehydrated for making powders. Simply there is no other pepper that looks or tastes like this one. It is just a matter of time before this variety makes it to the commercial pepper industry.