Jalapeños “Cracked”


The name comes from the Jalapa, the capital of the Mexican state of Veracruz. The Spanish suffix -eño signifies that the noun originates in the place modified by the suffix, Jalapeños are the most popular and used type of hot peppers produced in Mexico and United States. This particular variety came from Jalapa city; the home, origin, and national capital of Jalapeños. why did we decided to plant this variety? There are so many strains, hybrids, and varieties of Jalapeños some are true some are not, some hotter than others, we felt like there is no better way to grow, taste, and share the true authentic Jalapeños other than acquiring the seeds directly from the source. We received the seeds and planted them ourselves along with many other sources of seeds. The conclusion was this particular Jalapeños variety has distinctive characteristics such as being very hot, sweeter, and crunchiest, last longer on the plant, and darker in color (both stages red and green). But what really surprised us the cracking pods started to develop when maturing; all pods in this Jalapeños variety had beautiful rusty cracking it was a sing of extra heat, flavor. If you are looking for the true authentic taste of jalapeno, this is your choice.