This is a really really rare Syrian pepper send to us by our friend and chilihgead Isa Naser. We thought it was just another C.Annum and nothing would be special about it. We were wrong. When we asked Mr. Naser what does the name means, he said “Malih” stands for salty and “Helow” stands for sweet in the Arabic language. What a perfect name for this Arabian treasure. The pepper is actually salty sweet. When fully ripe, the bright red pods have strange very salty-acidic, sweet, yet spicy hot flavor. This complex flavor profile gave this pepper and advantage of 270 Annuum varieties we planted this year. The taste is so well balanced you just can’t get enough of this pepper. What is really unique about it is that this complex flavor becomes more intense after the pods are picked and sat for a while. The ripen pods can store for longer period of time without going bad. Instead, the taste becomes stronger and more favored. The levels of sweetness, salt and acidity increase while the heat levels are remain the same. This transformation of the flavor profile gives the pepper an advantage over all the C.Anuums we planted so far. Add to all that, the pepper has no bitterness whatsoever, this means you can enjoy it at any stage, but we highly recommend you try them when fully rip, or even better, let them set on the kitchen’s counter for about 2 days then taste and enjoy the unique sweet-salty-acidic-hot flavor.