Kahramanmaras city pepper= Kahramanmaraş Acı biberi (Maras)

The core of Turkish chili powder, and seasoning in general come from two well-known powders/seasonings (Maraş and Kırmızı). The Kırmızı powder is made from Albanian Red Hot (Acı kırmızı Arnavut). After the daunting task of trying to find what is the pepper used in the second most famous Turkish chili powder (Maras), our Turkish friends informed us that the name (Maras/Maraş)  is used as short for the infamous  southern city of Kahramanmaraş. This city is where the pepper originated, cultivated, and widely used, the pepper is locally known as Kahramanmaraş Aci biberi, which translate to Kahramanmaras city hot pepper. For shorts, the chili powder/seasoning made of this pepper called Maras/Maraş. So, now we know the pepper behind this Maras/Maraş seasoning, what is so special about this pepper to begin with?  Why there is so much demand and fame around this variety in the international markets. The sweet, salty, spicy-hot, and acidic complex flavor along with growing other characteristics such as being early, very productive, short and tough plant can grow in any harsh conditions including containers are among the features allowed this pepper to stand out over hundred others and be used commercially and internationally.