Oily Paste


Oily Paste Pepper Yağlık Salçalık  Biber

Manufacturing chili paste is not a dominant feature in the chili industry here in USA. Here, most people associate peppers with sauce, salsa, and dry pods/powders. In other parts of the world, mainly the Mediterranean regions, the chili culture is different. There, making of hot sauce (commercially) is scarce. Instead, chili paste products are what dominate the industry in the Arab region. The paste is called “Shattah” which stands for the chili paste used in the daily meals such as hummus. In Turkey, locals use the term (salçalık) to describe the paste made of chilies. The high demand and uses of chilies as paste inspired locals to grow a certain strain(s) serving this propose. The most used pepper for past is this sweet/mild oily pepper. When saying oily pepper, for a chilihead, the first thing comes to mind is the high concentration of capsicum oil in the superhots. This is not the case with this pepper, while the pepper has high levels of oil/capsicum in the vines, the pepper is sweet, even apple tasting for some users. This is the reason why it is used for paste