Rosemary Pepper


Biberiye Tur┼ču= Picking Rosemary Pepper

A well-known, widely used, and favorite pepper in the Turkish cuisine. This hot/very hot, small waxy pickling pepper can be found almost in all local grocery stores in Turkey. It is like the pickled jalapeno or banana peppers here in USA. What is really unique about this pepper is the growing habit. The plant is very short, very tough, and very productive, making it great variety for both commercial and individual growers. If you grow just one single plant in a pot at the balcony, you will have enough pickles all year round. In addition to these favored growing habits, the pepper has firm crunchy flesh without any bitterness or powerful-peppery- taste. This means you can manipulate the final taste any ways you like without an overwhelming pepper taste. If you like dill, just add some to the jar and the whole pod will taste like pickled dill.