The name is simply used to refer to a hot spicy chili paste made by mashing this pepper with olive oil and garlic and sea salt. A simple dish but widely used as a side dip in almost all Arabic countries. The famous Shattah (Chile paste) has various thickness grades ranging from as watery as salsa to as thick as tomatoes paste. Depending on the use and favor, the shatta dish is custom prepared. However, in all various stages, this small dry, 2 inches pepper is the main ingredient. There are several reasons why the Arabians picked this pepper to be their main “shattah” chile.  For one, the pepper ranges from mil, hot, to very hot (depending on the harvest time) Also, it has a natural very acidic, dry vinegar-like taste making it great choice for paste. All what is missing is some fresh garlic, olive oil, and sea salt, all the ingredients are ground up together using meat grinder and the shatta is ready to use on hummus, falafel sandwiches, shawarma, or simply as a dip. This is a great, tough, productive plant setting hundreds of pods all summer long, grows really well in containers.