Tatlı Süs


There is an endless number of Tatlı (sweet) peppers in Turkey. Similarly, there is an endless number of Süs (ornamental) peppers.  All the süs bibbers are hot if not very hot to eat except this one. This is the only small sized ornamental pepper that is heatless. The sweet pods look very hot and mean (similar to the crazy hot Thai peppers) growing upward turning from dark green to bright red. The plant is not only unique because it is the only sweet ornamental Turkish pepper , but also both green and red pods have exceptionally great rich Annuum flavor with higher levels of salty-like flavor when pods are fully ripe. This special pepper can be used at any stage, when green pods can be eaten raw with every day meals, or pickled for any kind of flavorful heatless spice. When fully ripe, the red pods can still be enjoyed fresh of the bush or used with cooking. If left of the plants, the ripe pods will eventual dry without going bad, this makes it another great choice for those who like to make heatless chili powder. This is another favored character for many of süs bibbers from turkey, they will not rot if let on the plants. The very productive plant grown about 4 feet tall and wide setting delicious pods all summer long.