Capsicum Galapagoense


GRIF 1567, 974750083, PI 639682, CGN 22208

Wild Native species from Galapagos Islands of Isabella & Santa Cruz .An extremely rare, hard to germinate, grown, harder to set flower and pods.  This pepper represents the ultimate challenge of growing and harvesting the one of rarest pepper spices on planet earth. This pepper can only be found on the forgotten islands of Galapagos of Isabella & Santa Cruz, it is so rare that we don’t know if people ever hear of it.  Like its extreme rareness, the plant has very distinctive growing habit and physical characteristics, besides requiring at least one month to germinate; the plant grows extremely slowly and very sensitive to weather changes mainly cooler temperatures. After germination, the plan sets light green color leafs covered with tiny fuzz when touched the plant releases perfume aroma pleasant to smell. Plant needs warm but not too hot temperature, they like shady areas but not too wet soil.  If you are lucky the plant may set few flowers they are very tiny white delicate flowers that could turn to pods if you are luckier… the pods are dark green and takes very long time to turn red. Pods taste very hot, when dry they have texture similar to roasted pine nuts