Collection, Trinidad 7 Pod Extreme


Any, All, and Every 7 pod you can think of is listed in this collection, this customized collection is for the serious chilihead who is looking to grow every type of 7 pod out there, we have built this collection to: one to make your shopping easier, two to save you some money because it is always cheaper to buy a collection than separated items, three 7 pod is the highest selling item and this collection must be presented. Four it’s not easy to find one place that sells them all with a mouse click. In this colorful, wonderful, and extremely hot collection you will receive 13 different types of 7 pod some of them you cant find elsewhere. So this is your chance to satisfy your need for heat. The collection contains the following from top left:

·         7 Pod Jonah                                               

·         7 Pod Brown                                             

·         7 Pod Orange                                             

·         7 Pod Burgundy                                        

·         7 Pod White                                               

·         7 Pod Douglah/Trinidad Douglah              

·         7 Pod Primo                                                

·         7 Pod Barrackpore. Second row left           

·         7 Pod Large Yellow                                    

·          7 Pod Red Original Strain                          

·          7 Pod Yellow Original Strain                    

·          7 Pod Brian Strain Red                              

·          7 Pod Brian Strain Yellow