Moruga Scorpion Red


This is the world hottest peppers in 2012 “Moruga Scorpion” another pepper from the region of Moruga in Trinidad. This pepper is scary to eat but there are many crazy people who like the heat turned up to an unbearable level. In case you don’t know the credit for discovering this pepper goes back to Christopher Phillips (cmpman1974) from Sterling Heights, MI this man should be rewarded, awarded, and worldly appreciated for his priceless contribution to the pepper, culture, industry, and literature. Chris is known among all pepper heads, companies and institutes he has been growing peppers for many many year he has grown 100s if not 1000s of verities from all over the world. Chris has a wide and trusted network of chiliheads among the world where he locates, collect, grows and shares peppers. He also has his own collection/seed bank that he shares with very few people, we are among them.