Trinidad 7 pod Jonah


We have received so many requests to offer this pepper on our website which made us wonder what is so special about this 7 pod, well indeed we found it very special, this 7 pod has the strongest Capsicum Chinese aroma among all the 7 pods, the smell is so strong that when u cut the pod and sniff it you will sneeze our caught, this strong aroma of the 7pod was not to take place if this pepper was not ridiculously hot. We don’t know how people could eat this thing; it is hotter than any Bhut Jolokia, also very high concentration of capsicum oil can be seen clearly on the inside walls when you cut the pod. Now that we tried it we know why every crazy chili head has been asking for it and we will be having this variety as permanent supply which means we will plant it every year due to the quality, heat, flavor, and amount of pods each plant produces. The pod changes from light green to bright red with a lot of wrinkles, bumps, and spikes on the surface. If you like the smell, taste, and heat of the 7 pod this one is what you must have