Tobago Seasoning


Another treasure from Trinidadcollected at a market in Scarboro ,Tobago in march 1999 by Dr.Jeff Nekola, very nice flavor with just right amount of heat to add to your dishes. it looks like a pear and taste like one; extremely flavorful pepper that has a very different and distinctive smell and taste, the best way to describe this peppers is by saying a mixture of pineapple and pear tropical flavor with a sharp sent of sweetness followed by sharp slow building heat, if you ask what is the best way to use this pepper, we will say sauce one of the best ever for making your own hot sauce for many reasons, first the pod is juicy and thick fleshed, the taste is very tropical where you don’t have to add any fruits to the sauce, you will not need sugar either as the pod has enough amount of natural sweetness when picked ripe, on top of all that the plant is very prolific and productive where one single plant can give you enough pods to supply your hot sauce cooking for whole year