The Lava Spring, The Hottest Spot on Earth

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The hottest, the tastiest, the most beautiful and extremely rare varieties

Welcome to the home of the pure fresh seeds …………………

If you like peppers and always wanted to grow your own pepper plants to have fresh pods all season long…. You are at the right place, whether you like using your peppers raw fresh, cooked, pickled or as powder, at you will find huge selection of pepper seeds , From the nuclear heat level to the most delicious non pungent pods all heat levels and flavors are available, Not to forget our extremely rare wild species that you will not find anywhere else….!

We are specialized in Trinidad and Tobago peppers

Note: international orders/customers please give your package a minimum 10 days to arrive we don’t know how your mailing system and customs work.     Please order early, and be patient Smile

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